Company Overview

Co-founders Sammy Cheung and Tony Ngai formed EFinix in 2012 after spending over 25 years working at other semiconductor companies, including FPGA companies and other programmable providers. They began by inventing a unique, disruptive, flexible FPGA fabric, the Quantum™ architecture. Quantum is Efinix’s key technology: an FPGA fabric arranged in a simple block-based format with interspersed columns of RAM and multipliers. This fabric is designed to be process and fab agnostic, as well as compatible with a true SoC design flow by using 7 layers of metal, no unusual power requirements, and standard ASIC deliverables.

Trion® FPGAs are pre-defined Quantum cores that have been wrapped with a specific peripheral interface and packaged. The Trion FPGA family is based on the patent-protected Quantum architecture. This family gives customers access to this key new FPGA fabric, enabling edge applications where you need devices that are optimized for small package, low power, and volume.

Building on the success of the Quantum fabric and Trion FPGAs, Efinix recently announced the company’s second-generation family. Trion Titanium FPGAs are built on a 16 nm process and feature a re-engineering Quantum compute fabric.

Efinix is a global company with offices worldwide. Our investors are an assortment of high-tech semiconductor and system vendors who saw value in our Quantum architecture and our team. Developing and producing FPGAs is not a simple matter, and it is imperative to have people who understand, and successfully create, both hardware and software. We have pulled together a strong team to meet this challenge.